What is Answerd.xyz?
Answerd.xyz aims to be the next generation Question & Answer platform, owned by its users, governed by a DAO, and built on the DeSo blockchain.


The purpose of this white paper is to bring into attention some specific use cases for blockchain networks and propose better integration of these networks into applications and solutions to raise further social awareness, leverage data persistence, make information more accessible, add higher resistance to tampering, censorship, and de-platforming, encourage public discourse, help personal brand management, monetizing their content, and ultimately, improve people’s lives.

Based on Blockchain

Today, a lot of information has been centralized, accessible only through proprietary structures and protocols, subject to erasure, modification, and general lack of persistence, as well as used to shift increasingly more profits into corporates rather than to the content creators themselves. Today all QA platforms are centralized and privately owned, monetizing the content created by their users, which get nothing in return for the expertise and knowledge they provide.
By moving data into a blockchain network, it becomes in some ways simpler and easier to identify and get in touch with content creators directly. Thus, upstart content creators can showcase their work over a longer period of time and to a wider audience than it’s possible through proprietary channels. Answerd.xyz is intended to be fully blockchain-based and extensible through nodes that tune it into a network rather than a centralized and proprietary solution.

Built on DeSo

We believe that DeSo, as a L1 blockchain specifically created to power and link to social networks, is currently the most suitable solution to use for next-generation social networks based on the blockchain model and geared toward content creators first and foremost. Social tipping and Creator Coins (a featured asset on DeSo) incentivizes creators to provide high-quality content, in this case, high-quality answers and knowledge, in order to increase their visibility and make actual profits out of their content. In the Answerd.xyz concept, answers to questions are the content.

Specific Use Case

Those who need help or just ask questions:
  1. 1.
    get access to premium and high-quality answers because answer providers are more incentivized to give good answers
  2. 2.
    can additionally and independently speculate in external sites (including DeSo Ecosystem) on the Creator Coins they have purchased from inside Answerd.xyz
  3. thus becoming investors in the Creator’s general performance
The answer providers:
  1. 1.
    are rewarded in $DeSo throughout social tipping aka Diamonds
  2. 2.
    potentially someone buys their Creator Coin which increases in value and also directly earns from the founder's reward
  3. 3.
    can speculate on their own Creator Coins off-site
  4. 4.
    automatically get increased clout on DeSo-Ecosystem based on their increased performance on Answerd.xyz
The platform:
  1. 1.
    generates revenue from fees, which goes toward maintenance, team compensation, special Creator rewards, and DeSo evangelism
  2. 2.
    adds to the DeSo network by providing nodes and higher visibility, both to DeSo itself, individual Creators, and the platform itself

Why get involved?

Answerd.xyz is going to be a DAO thus governed by its DAO Coin Holders:
  1. 1.
    Transparency: all transactions are recorded into the blockchain, thus making it easy to evaluate ROI (return on investment) on Answerd.xyz
  2. 2.
    DAOholder meetings: all DAO holders will have a say in all issues regarding financial operations and everything else regarding the platform in general
  3. 3.
    Participation in future projects: we intend to expand and create niche and vertical QA platforms thus all DAO holders will get involved in internal discussions regarding future projects, not just Answerd.xyz


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